The galaxy isn't a nice place. It's filled with crooks, gangsters, pushers, and pimps. It's a festering cesspool of crime, greed, and corruption - where justice is blind and the meek inherit nothing!

     SPACE DETECTIVE, a feature-length, live-action / animated sci-fi adventure from Swamp Media Group, is the story of SHIRO, an enigmatic galactic sleuth caught in a web of interplanetary intrigue, murderous gangsters, sex-starved space kittens and a sinister plot that threatens the very fate of the galaxy.

     SPACE DETECTIVE stars Matthew Sjafiroeddin as SHIRO and Angela Rysk as JINKS; with Nemo Strang, Steed Corulla, Rico Lee Jr., and Stephanie Reynolds. SPACE DETECTIVE is produced by Matt Sjafiroeddin and directed by Antonio Llapur.

Sex.Murder.Betrayal. In this galaxy, it's all black and white.

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