Swamp Media Group Discusses Release of Space Detective Film 

Part One

The Big Words Blog Site

In May of 2016 I conducted my very first interview related to Science Fiction and Cinema.  I talked with Antonio Llapur and Matt Sjafiroeddin, founders of the Swamp Media group about their upcoming independent production The Space Detective – a film created independently with no outside assistance...

Space Detective (2017) - Review

Rivets on the Poster

I have no idea what in the world Antonio Llapur and Matt Sjafiroeddin were smoking when they created Space Detective.  I just hope someone buys them more of it – and soon...

Swamp Media Group Discusses Release of Space Detective Film

Part Two

The Big Words Blog Site

In part two, Antonio and Matt continue their discussion of Space Detective, in addition to lessons learned, and future creative aspirations...

Space Detective - A Sci-Fi Experience Over a Decade in the Making!

ZRockeR Magazine

In Space Detective, the eponymous hero finds himself back out amongst the stars when he agrees to help out an old love interest who requires his services. His travels quickly land him in hot water, and he finds himself hot on the trail of dangerous adversaries, as well as a mysterious weapon capable of unimaginable destructive power...

Berlin Sci-Fi FilmFest - Visual Highlights

Fantastische Wissenschaftlichkeit

The most extraordinary visual experience on the first festival day was the feature Space Detective, a psychedelic film noir, packed with references to classics of science-fiction and pop culture...